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Rainbow Carebear Dress (Yes, It's As Awesome As It Sounds! :3!)
Rain Bear T Shirt Shrug
Fairy Princess Tote Bag
Wild Thing High Waisted Skirt
Wooot ~~~

I've been wanting some fake dreads for a while now, so I bought some hair and started to make some.
I still have a pack of hot pink and most of the black hair left, so this isn't completed yet. But I just HAD to post it :]
I think they look okay for my first ones. I cant wait to get them done so I can see how they all look on :P

Crochet Synthetic Dreads

Crochet Synthetic Dreads

My way of making natural crochet style synthetic dreads

♥ 65
Decorating Dreads With Embroidery Floss

Decorating Dreads With Embroidery Floss

spice up the dreads

♥ 23
Double Ended Synthetic Dread Extensions

Double Ended Synthetic Dread Extensions

Super awesome fake dreads that you can take in and out and make ANY color you want!

♥ 94
Making Rasta At Home

Making Rasta At Home

dreadlocks at home - get fun with your hairs

♥ 43
Straightening /Resealing Dreads

Straightening /Resealing Dreads

A hopefully helpful way to take care of unraveled synthetic dread extensions.

♥ 9
Dread Extentions   Easy!

Dread Extentions Easy!

For no more greasy hair at festivals!

♥ 145


Sarah Snowflake
Sarah Snowflake · 8 projects
PLEASE PLEASE Explain how you make them so perfect!!! I CAN NOT get them to come out so smooth. They look horrible when I do them!!!
Sarah Snowflake
Sarah Snowflake · 8 projects
PB · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Ehhrm, how did you make them? They're neat but I think they look like sausage-y "Shirley Temple" curls.
Damned Ragdoll
Damned Ragdoll
i agree real dreads are messy i was disappointed when i made my first set of dread that they lookeds so scruffy but it then occured to me real dreads are very rarely all neat and tidy so i have some plain twists and some scruffy old lumpy bumpy dreads.
i do get concerned though when they fuse together due to them being so gnarled and synthetic
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
I started out using this tutorial.
I TRIED backcombing and all that, but they didn't come out at ALL....
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rVmxPS6suE I ended up using this method. :# fail, I guess :/
Shellasaurus Rex
Shellasaurus Rex · 3 projects
they are way to neat. as a girl with dreads for the last 2+ years you'll know right off the bat that they are fake because of how utterly neat they are. dreads are messy, they have hair sticking out, fly aways everything and even the best maintence doesn't always get them all. nice but if you want dreads that pass for real, mess 'em up a bit
beryl · Apache Junction, Arizona, US · 36 projects
great! dreads is the one thing I always wanted to try but age/job/husband makes it completely out of the question. Very cool!

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