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Stalking you around the Underground...
In my first year at uni (I did a Drama degree) we did a walk round show (kinda like those haunted house things, but not haunted) based on London Underground. My character was a free roamer, designed to come upon people suddenly in the corridors between established scenes and freak them out a little. She was created when I found out about bricked up Underground stations, and started thinking about how a child forgotten down there might grow up. There's a huge thing about the lines on the Underground map making animal shapes, so I decided that the shapes come to life and had raised this feral creature. Very fun to play, and I got to pounce on people!

The costume was created in five minutes by tying rags around my leotarded self, slapping on some bandages, and hand printing on my face, arms and legs with face paint. It's based on a picture I drew for the project called 'Ghosts of the Underground' (which I'll upload if I can find it - it was drawn five years ago so the sketch pad must still be around somewhere).

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