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My first greybeard claok, These creations are available at my shop with tons of variations.
While playing Skryim I became fascinated by the Greybeards and their cloaks. This project was the first greybeard I ever constructed and was made of remnant fabrics and upcycled garments. In addition to the dozens of scales adorning the sides and back, the chest has also been worked to look like the armored cloaks you can find in High Hrothgar.

I gave this project a large amount of time because it honestly took forever. I made the pattern from scratch and sewed it together around a busy schedule. From start to finish it took 2 months to construct, luckily I have perfected the process and can now belt out these cloaks in 3 weeks time(not including fabric and hardware shipping to the studio of course). I will be posting more current cloaks in the near future : )

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thats awesome Happy

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