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Easy to make fancy, fashinable, feather headpieces!
You can find ready made feather patterns at any craft store along with a hot glue gun and hairclips which you'll also need. If you're not satisified with the ready made patterns and want to make you're own pattern you'll need to buy feathers, tacky glue (or any other strong crafting glue), hair clips, and black felt. Arrange your feathers into the pattern you want, cut the felt into a tear drop shape, the size of the shape depends on how big you want your headpiece to be, glue your feathers onto one side of the felt. Make sure you give the glue enough time to dry. Hot glue could melt the feathers, which is why I advise against it and suggest a strong crafting glue like tacky glue. Whether your using your own pattern or an already put together pattern hot glue a large hair clip (pictured above) onto the felt side of your headppiece. On the feather side of your head piece you can then add finish touches like, beads, or glitter. Enjoy!

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Krafty Kitty Kat >'.'<
Krafty Kitty Kat >'.'< · Blackburn, England, GB · 11 projects
i swear i actually bought that peacock clip from primark in england....i knew i could make it but it was there and real chap too it was onli £1 so wat the hey!
i love it tho i wear it everywhere!!!!!

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