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Dress up your hair!
My hair is boring. It's brown and not-quite-straight-not-quite-curly and just sort of... hangs there. I've never liked bows or barrettes, because the ones out there are either too girly or too sterile for me. I made a feather hairclip one day, and all of my friends thought it was absolutely adorable. I've made dozens since and given them away as gifts. People love them. They're so cheap and easy to make, and they look really great!

Posted by Libertine from Wilmington, Delaware, United States • Published See Libertine's 2 projects »
  • How to make a feather hair clip. Feather Hair Pins - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather your materials. I usually use about 2-3 feathers and a couple beads. You could also use shells, buttons, bows, or anything, really. You can use bobby pins, alligator clips, or safety pins. Whatever you have at hand works just fine! Your string should be about two inches longer than the length to which you want your clip to hang, to allow for knotting.

  • How to make a feather hair clip. Feather Hair Pins - Step 2
    Step 2

    Stack your feathers in the order you find most visually appealing. The craft feathers I used have a curve to them along their... feather-spines, we'll call them. Make sure the feather-spines' curves are all going the same way to avoid any awkward bumps when you wear them in your hair.

  • How to make a feather hair clip. Feather Hair Pins - Step 3
    Step 3

    Wrap the string around the tops of the feather-spines, about a few centimeters from the top, then tie it off. Yuck, this part can get messy. The string I used was thicker than normal, so I got all that nasty tufting going on. You can just cut that stuff out later.

  • How to make a feather hair clip. Feather Hair Pins - Step 4
    Step 4

    Bead/shellify/button-up your string. You can tuck any unseemly feather-bits into the beads.

  • How to make a feather hair clip. Feather Hair Pins - Step 5
    Step 5

    Attach your clip of choice, and you're done! Enjoy!



SaveMeSanFrancisco · 18 projects
wow that looks really cool! i was thinking of posting something like this (same concept) but it is MUCH different then yours is that okay with you??
Sarah D.
Sarah D. · 2 projects
This was so awesome, and I love it. I end up doing this but I couldn't find a clip, so I hooked them on my glasses. xD anyways great Idea and thank you for sharing.
Libertine · Wilmington, Delaware, US · 2 projects
The ones used in these images are from AC Moore and they're a pretty good bargain, but I'm sure any craft store would carry them. I also use a lot of online resources for craft supplies, so you could try checking out Amazon or any online supplier for more natural feathers.
Is there a special place that you can actually buy those types of feathers? I really love feathers but the only kinds I can find are those dyed ones..
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
i absolutely love them!! i've been tryin to think of something to put in my hair and i think these would be perfect Happy
ɐɯlɐ! · 1 project
Really simple, and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Libertine · Wilmington, Delaware, US · 2 projects
@keri l.: If you wrap the string tight enough before tying it, it stays pretty well. The beads also help keep the feathers secure. I tried hot glue at first, but it got messy fast, so I just went with tying it. If your hot glue finesse is superior to mine (which isn't hard to do, I get it all over myself. Oh, the burning) then feel free to use hot glue! They're pretty versatile. So glad you like it!
keri l.
keri l. · New York, New York, US · 6 projects
hi libertine- i love this!! i have been trying to figure out a way to make feathered hair clips (like the kind i wore back in the 70s) and i have been having a tough time--- you actually just tie the feathers on? i would think they would fall out-- do you ever add a little hot glue? i was thinking about making them with thin suede strips- but i like the hemp idea-- thanx againHappy
mew · Division No. 18, Unorganized, Saskatchewan, CA · 2 projects
adorable! I love it!
I sooo badly want to make some for my hair, now. Happy

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