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Feather Extentions

cheap and easy (and cute) feather hair extentions!! • Posted by blurrymind

these are easy to make and look so cute! i love them!

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Medium feathers 007 1312352430 Medium feathers 009 1312352476 Medium feathers 010 1312352479


these are easy to make and look so cute! i love them!


  1. Small feathers 001 1312352544

    my supples

  2. Small feathers 002 1312352568

    pick how many and which feathers you want. group them in 3- 4 groups. you dont have to use the same feathers for one whole extention i only had main kinds of feathers and i mixed up the colors so it was different.

  3. Small feathers 003 1312352703

    trim feathers away from base if needed

  4. Small feathers 004 1312352774

    stack feathers in order that u want. glue the tips together, and pinch together when glue is almost all the way dry or do what i do wait a few seconds and pich/twist the glue all around with my finger tips **glue is HOT and i always burn my tips bcuz i am impatiant

  5. Small feathers 005 1312352819

    tie/glue some clear fishing line at the base then string beads in any order like i did. to close it off i add a bit of glue on the line and feed my last pearl an it so it runs thru the glue then add a bit on the very bottom. this takes the place of tying a knot

  6. Small feathers 006 1312353411

    here is a finished feather bundle. repeat steps a couple more times then tie string to the base so it falls and kinda overlaps the base of one another

  7. Small feathers 008 1312353464

    open clip that has teeth (it holds to hair better) and glue the top bundles base in the opened cliplet dry and....

  8. Small feathers 007 1312353694

    place in desired area and enjoy!!