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feathery ears!
I hand make earcuffs!
I love ear cuffs so much! :3 I wear a different one each day!
If you'd like - you can check out my cuffs on facebook:

Posted by Mousey from Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines • Published See Mousey's 80 projects »


You Will Need

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make your ear cuff base! Lots of people have different ways of making this with different types of wire. I use this thick pliable wire and just make a few loops & shape it just so :)

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 2
    Step 2

    This is optional, I like to do it cuz it's pretty:
    take some thread (the kind you get for doing cross stitch)

    tie it to the top loop, and start wrapping it around the cuff evenly.

    Once you get to bottom, tie it, cut off the excess, super glue the bit sticking out.

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 3
    Step 3

    Choose your feathers

    Choose your base type

    Set them up :)

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 4
    Step 4

    Using jump rings & pliers, start adding the feathers however way you want on the loops of your base cuff

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 5
    Step 5

    Keep going till you're happy with how many feathers you have.

    (In between the last picture & this one - I decided to change colors)

    Put chains to make them dangle!
    Add charms/beads if you like :P

  • How to make a cuff earring. Feather Ear Cuffs - Step 6
    Step 6

    wear like a baws

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Erudite B.
Erudite B.
Thanks !
You have enough directions that I think I can succeed at making these.

It was very helpful that you described the thread as "embroidery thread", so I knew what you were talking about.
If another crafter reads this, I will explain further.
The embroidery thread, referenced above, would be DMC 25 embroidery thread.
This type of thread comes in hundreds of colors.

DMC is the company, Coats & Clark is another, as is Anchor.
25 is the size of the cotton thread.
This is 6 strands of thread, lightly twisted together into 1 larger strand of thread.
You can separate it into 6 threads if you do cross stitch or needlepoint.

DMC sells a thread made of rayon, if you want to use that instead of cotton.
The rayon is very, very, very shinny, but very slippery.
You would have to glue it onto the entire length of the wire.

DMC sells filaments you can add to the cotton thread to add sparkle.
They also sell very fine braid, which would look great on an ear wire.
This comes in metallic colors and a few iridescent colors.

I want to say thank you again.
I really appreciated the last picture showing the ear cuff on the ear, as I have never worn or made ear cuffs before.
Seeing how it fits, on the ear, is very important !

Thanks for a tutorial that makes sense and looks great.

Whatsername T.
Whatsername T. · Houston, Texas, US
Hey Miki ~ LOVE this ~ thank you so much for taking the time to share. What kind of wire do you like to use, and what guage? Looks fairly thick.
TiggerZilla · Show Low, Arizona, US
Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
Sorry it took so long TigerZilla! Happy I made this into a how-to also! Tongue

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