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better then real!!!
this totally looks real..wen i first saw etched mirror i thought it was done by this process until i realy get to know how it was done....

so i tried this n amazing results...
thou its called MIRROR etching...but i used glass..(ull see in the tutorial y)
as im a recycling junkie..all d three glasses r taken out from unwanted clocks whicch were just lying around..

Posted by Mahwash A. from Perth, Western Australia, Australia • Published See Mahwash A.'s 3 projects »

  • Step 1

    gather all ur materials....n decide upon a design u want to etch

    trace it on the glass

  • Step 2

    TIP: tracing on the glass can b easily done by putting the drawing underneath the glass n den tracing it directly on d glass

  • How to make wallpaper / a wall painting. Faux Mirror Etching - Step 3
    Step 3

    now take ur thin paint brush n make outline wid the black paint on ur drawing....

    just like in the picture...

  • Step 4

    once dis is done u can paint the negative area wid ur thick paint brush.

    allow it to dry.

  • Step 5

    wen d paint has dried.. cover the same side wid foil...

    i like the textured or crumbly foil instead of neat n plain foil...

  • Step 6

    now turn it around and voila!!!

    uve got urself a etched mirror!!

    waiting to see ur versions :)

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Amy D.
Amy D.
This seems like a great project, however, the instructions for it are horridous! If you want to write clearly written instructions, I would advise not writing them in illegible webspeak. It's a bit annoying, and confusing.

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