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Faux Druzy Pendant

Make a faux druzy pendant with the Denver Craft Ninjas • Posted by Crafty In The City

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    For this project, we’ve used the following supplies: Black Paillettes - You can really choose any color; I have used clear reflective paillettes and had good results. I like the look of the black paillettes - my favorite druzy are the black ones. A variety of fine glitter - I used a gaggle of different colors from my glitter stash. A cabochon pendant - I used a copper locket. Plaid’s Mod Podge Dimensional Magic - with glitter! Toothpicks A clean surface to work

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    Fill the cabochon with the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic - right up to the edge of the cabochon.

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    Begin filling with the paillettes.

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    You’ll end up using quite a lot of paillettes. Even if it feels like too many, keep adding them!

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    Use a toothpick to blend the paillettes with the Mod Podge. It’s a delicate process to combine them and not let the mixture come out of the cabochon’s indention. Just mix it carefully and tidy the sides of the pendant as you work. It will be messy! So, get over worrying about getting glitter everywhere! At Share Denver, it’s an occupational hazard! The mixture will appear milky as you add the paillettes, but you’re looking for a consistency of wet sand. Keep adding paillettes!

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    When you start to get to the perfect consistency, add some other colors of the fine glitter. With this pendant, I used a mixture of champagne, purple, blue, red, gold, and a reflective rainbow silver. The amount of colors and sparkle is up to you! I add a ton because the more sparkly, the better in my book.

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    Ideally, the more glitter you add, the more sandy the mixture will become. the surface of the pendant will slowly become organically textured like crystal as you mix, but you can continue to poke and mix it to add dimension.

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    After you get the mixture and colors you want perfectly arranged, let the pendant dry overnight. You can use a toothpick or your fingernail to remove any Mod Podge or errantic glitter around the edges.

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    Add to cord or chain and wear your glittery, gorgeous masterpiece. You’ll be surprised how much it actually looks like crystals! And mixing glitter makes you feel like a sparkle scientist!