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Fantasy for weathered rattan couch
Anytime I go to the grocery store I pass a blue house on a small hill with a white picket fence and lovely red roses peeking thru the fence. On the front porch was a white rattan couch. One day this white rattan couch was placed on the curb with a sign "free" on it. I stopped in my jeep, picked up the couch and pushed it inside my little jeep. Lucky I had no passengers that day or they would have had to take the place of the couch on the curb. The couch was still in good shape just sitting by itself on a covered porch, just very weather beaten. Finished and amusing now, it sits proud in my seating outside to greet friends. Best of all, my grandchildren coming to visit can sit on it while I tell them stories of times when dragons and unicorns, gnomes, witches, magical butterflies and faeries lived...

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  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 1
    Step 1

    Washed and dry in the sun. Inspect for anything broken or needing attention. I had to repaint this as it was so weathered baking in the sun on the porch for many years. But, if you are like me I sorta like the weathered look on pieces like this. I knew I was going to place a blanket and pillows on this on a regular basis and wanted to leave areas for hidden secrets. The secrets are discovered butterflies if you peek underneath the pillows or cushions once in place. So plan accordingly.

  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 2
    Step 2

    Using craft paper draw your image with the FAT black marker. Draw keeping in mind you are going to use this as a template to place the tissue paper over this image at times and you want to be able to see the lines below the tissue paper you will place on top to measure and trim. Allow your image to run the upper back and down to the bottom of the seating on the couch.

  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 3
    Step 3

    Use assorted tissue paper, thin paper or transparent, fibers, colors, glittered, images, cut outs.
    Starting with the mane and tail and use only the plain tissue paper in various greens, teal and gold. Cut out long flowing strips with the scissors that have almost a triangle shape. Cut enough out to be able to fill the mane and tail areas.

  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now select various tissues that can layer and overlap. As the tissues get wet with the water and gel medium they will become transparent. Select a tissue that will capture tones together well. For the patches on the horse I wanted a feather background and brown or darker tissue. The lighter areas I chose the white background tissues and images that were pieces of grass, leaves and petals. Tear the pieces don't cut with scissors. The tear will allow invisibility to the placement of the tissues.

  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 5
    Step 5

    All you need to do next is get some uninterrupted time and preferably not breezy day or your tissues will travel to your neighbors doorstep. I started with the horses ear and moved down-left and then right of the horses body. Pour a little of the gel gloss medium into a wide mouth container. Have a container also for some water. Dip your brush into the water first. Wipe the brush on the rim of the container. Now dip the wet brush into your container of gel as if you were to paint color. Apply your brush loaded with water and gel to the rattan furniture first. Place the darker background tissue down on the area you made wet with water and gel first. Using brushstrokes on top of the tissue and brush until saturated and transparent by stroking the brush with the grain of the weave of the rattan. Slowly work the tissue to wrap saturated around and into the weaving rattan. Final strokes of your brush to level and smooth the tissue in place and remove any whitish appearance. Remember you will overlap with other tissues till filled in.

  • How to make a sofa. Fantasy Horse Seating Refinished - Step 6
    Step 6

    Allow to dry. Place another coat of gel only on top of the tissued area. Dry a day. Test for dryness and set in place. If you are going to place a cushion or pillow on it. Try placing a hidden butterfly or dragonfly when the pillow would be for the younger ones to discover! I've scattered some hints for them with butterflies above the horse and hid some on the bottom seat and a few on the front face where little knees and feet would swing and wiggle. Relax and nap on it and dream of fantasy and barefeet sunny days.

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Ace W.
Ace W. · Tucson, Arizona, US · 1 project
This is AMAZING! Mad kudos.
Vanna · Santa Barbara, California, US · 2 projects
I thought this looked familiar... those pics turned out great! but I wish you did a close up of the butterflies... they are really pretty!

CO + K User

This is AWESOME! I want one!

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