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A fun and easy way to decorate your hair!
I had a bunch of bobby pins left over from about a year ago that I wasn't doing anything with plus a few different nail polishes and some paints and sparkles from Halloween. Put them all together and you get a bunch of cute hair accessories that you can customize to match any outfit.

To start you need a piece of paper to place all the bobby pins on. Just slip them onto a side and it works as the perfect surface to paint on. Its also very easy to pull the bobby pin off of after the paint dries.

All I did was paint them, either with the nail polish, which I layered a few thin coats of on the bobby pins, or with the actual paints, which I painted a very thick coat of on.

For the sparkles I used beige nail polish to adhere the ones on the far right which I just sparkled on top of the bobby pins until they were fully covered. The green and black bobby pins I used a small brush to place the green sparkles on top of the green paint which brought out the color more.

After I was finished decorating I let the bobby pins dry for about half an hour just to be sure.

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Pistachio Pie
Pistachio Pie
This is great! I also have lots of plain bobby pins at home :3