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Why Pay So Much For So Few When You Can Make Them Yourself?
This is pretty straight-forward, So I do not have pictures of each step. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. :)

These things can be pricey for some reason.

I picked up Rod Pretzels ( 6 inches ) - 2 for $5 USD at the local market. At Michael's (the craft store), each pack of Candy Melts was $2.99 USD.

This combo produced roughly 24+ covered pretzels.

Note: Try using different colors! Most of the colored Wilson Candy Melts are Vanilla flavored, but come in awesome colors like Lavender, and even some with sprinkles in them.

This year I did chocolate and peanut butter for xmas. Last year I did red & green vanilla :D.

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  • Step 1

    +First, Open only one pretzel pack at a time.

    +Get the double Boiler warming.

    +Cover a couple baking pans with Wax paper, and keep them close to your working area (mind any flames around the wax paper).

  • Step 2

    +Pick ONE pack of Candy to start, and use the ENTIRE bag at one time.

    (I started with the peanut butter because it does not go as far as the chocolate - which can be used to fully coat any left overs)

    +Follow the directions on your Melting Candy's packaging to melt.

    (some are microwaveable, but I prefer using a double boiler because it keeps the candy warm and melted, even when the heat is turned off. This means less running around).

    +Once the candy is melted, coat one half of each pretzel stick.

    (I had a shallow dish for my double boiler, so I held the pretzels in one hand, while coating with the spatula and turning the pretzel to ensure and even-ish coating, and help drip off any excess candy.)

  • Step 3

    +Lay down each pretzel onto the wax paper on the baking pan.

    (Be sure to leave a space so that the excess candy doesn't run too much into the next. This can make it hard to separate the pretzels without sacrificing some of the coating of one, and cause it to be stuck the other.)

    +Continue half coating, and laying down each pretzel until the pan is full. Once it is, stick in the fridge to cool and harden, and continue to fill up the next pan(s).

    (If you can, stick each pan in the fridge once you're done. If not, rotate them out once you start coating the next side).

  • Step 4

    +Once all of your pretzels are half-coated, let them cool and harden.

    +Wash out the double boiler, being sure to get ALL of the water out of the bowl/pot before heating it up and adding then next batch of melting candy.

    ***(WARNING: water droplets can ruin the consistency of the Candy Melts)***

    +When a tray has hardened, start warming up the next batch of Melting Candy (I used chocolate 2nd).

  • Step 5

    +Pull out a tray (set a new one in if there was not room for it before), hold the pretzel by the previously coated side, and begin the dipping/coating process again with the new color/flavor.

    +Set each pretzel on the wax paper as before and continue until all pretzels are coated.

    +Let everything cool and harden before packaging. I suggest keeping them in the fridge, or in an air-tight container.

  • Step 6


    When I make these as presents, I like to wrap them up nicely, without it being too costly.

    I use the Press and Seal cling wrap to create an airtight seal around the pretzels, and lay them out flat instead of stacking them.

    Next, I fold over any excess to the back of the pretzels because this just helps add some cushion.

    Then, I wrap it with ribbon, and curl.

    Last, I keep them in the fridge until giving them away to keep them fresh, and avoid the coating melting or running.

    I hope you enjoy these! :D

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