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Mobius cobweb in mohair wool
This is made with the same pattern as a shrug I also made, but with a single strand of grey mohair wool. I used one 50g ball of Sirdar mohair wool (I can't remember the name properly sorry!) and a pair of 12mm needles. And again, sorry for the crappy pictures, I hope they're clear enough to show you what it should look like. As well as being a snood, I think it works quite well as a cover-up for your shoulders as well.

k2tog = knit two together
yok1 = bring yarn to the front of work and knit one stitch creating a small hole

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  • How to make a cowl. Fan And Feathers Knitted Snood - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cast on 72 sts loosely. (This pattern will work with any multiple of 24 sts, so you could make this much bigger if you wanted.)
    Row 1: Knit
    Row 2: k2tog 6times, yok1 12times, k2tog 12times, yok1 12times, k2tog 6times.
    Row 3: knit
    Row 4: knit

    Continue until you reach the end of the wool or desired length and cast off after 3rd row. (Or really any row, I don't think it matters).

  • How to make a cowl. Fan And Feathers Knitted Snood - Step 2
    Step 2

    You'll have a piece of material with two shorter wavy edges. These should fit together when you fold it over. I put a twist in mine before sewing these two ends up to make a tube, but that's completely up to you. Sew the wavy ends together and weave in the ends and tah-dah! Ready-to-wear warm soft cobweb.

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Sarah · Erfurt, Thuringia, DE · 110 projects
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live2create · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 13 projects
love it!
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