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Faerie Garden
I've always loved faeries, and found some really cute plants at a local nursery i thought would look really cute in a faerie garden! My step-father built me a simple wooden frame, which we lined with screen, filled with dirt and then I painted!

Added a little house, some crystals, glitter in the dirt, a faeries welcome sign and lots of love! Give it a try and welcome a little more magic into your life!

Posted by Gypsie Moon from Edisto Island, South Carolina, United States • Published See Gypsie Moon's 56 projects »


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Andrea · Austin, Texas, US · 45 projects
This is cute, I planted a bunch of stuff recently in my "garden" some of it grew but then died shortly there after. Edging was a pain bc I didn't have a box like you have. So you have 4 walls and just screen on the bottom not wood right, so it can drain?

Also what grows best for you ? It looks like cabbage and something else.
I tried to grow basil,tomatoes, watermellon, cucumber, radishes...I think and gourd.

basil and tomatoes died early, watermelon & cucumber lasted for a while with plants that had yellow flowers, one baseball sized watermellon even grew but the dog we were pet-sitting destroyed the remainder of my garden and killed the watermellon. A few gourds grew but died prematurely.

I'm going to try this gardening thing one more time but I'm going to make a box like yours with screen
Do you think it'd be okay to leave it directly on the ground or should I elevate it w/ legs? Once stuff starts growing I'm going to turn it into a Fairy-topia
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
We used to do these as kids! What a blast from the past. I might have to take up fairy gardening again lol.
Gypsie Moon
Gypsie Moon · Edisto Island, South Carolina, US · 75 projects
Thank you! And maybe!! =) I always see these little bright flashes of white and blue and call them my fairy lights! ^.^
Chelli B.
Chelli B. · Līhuʻe, Hawaii, US
very pretty. have you seen any faeries yet?

CO + K User

This is really sweet. I had one a few years ago. But the slugs took over and i didn't want to touch it :L
Gypsie Moon
Gypsie Moon · Edisto Island, South Carolina, US · 75 projects
Hey thanks!! I really need to update the picture, though because this is when I first planted it, and now those plants are big and bushy!!! Hehe!!
River Myst
River Myst
Oh wow!! I love love this!! its so cute and sparkley, im sure the faeries love it! Happy i love your faerie sign too, its all soo pretty. I want to make my own faerie door soon, im not sure if i can make it out of wood yet, but ill definately try and make my own faerie garden like this sometime ;) xx
Ginger Snapped
Ginger Snapped · Sacramento, California, US · 31 projects
this is super neat i love it
Gypsie Moon
Gypsie Moon · Edisto Island, South Carolina, US · 75 projects
Thanks for the compliments! Nope, no iron or steel! And the little faerie house I got at either TJ Max or Marshalls =)
Eszti · Dunakeszi, Pest County, HU · 42 projects
ooh, so pretty
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