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Face Charts

Extract from Make Up • By Eve Oxberry • Published by Arcturus Publishing


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15 mins

Make Up
Face charts are a fantastic way to play with colour and you can use them at home to plan looks for different occasions without having to wash your face in between every idea you try! They are also great for keeping a record of the looks you have created, as they allow you to note down the products and colours used on each area of the face.

Posted by Arcturus Publishing Published See Arcturus Publishing's 9 projects » © 2023 Eve Oxberry / Arcturus Publishing · Reproduced with permission.

You Will Need

  • Step 1

    Before using real makeup, practise on your chart with coloured pencil. Avoid using liquid or cream makeup, which will smudge. Makeup can be difficult to blend on normal paper; if you want to work like a true pro, use textured watercolour paper, available from art shops.

  • Step 2

    Trace or photocopy the chart or find a blank face chart online to print out. Always tape the paper to a board or table so it doesn’t crease or smudge. Some makeup artists like to prime the face chart with loose powder before starting, so that the colours blend more easily. This also helps to create a base colour more
    like your own skin tone. Use a circular motion to push powders into the paper so they don’t smudge. Keep
    a large, clean, soft brush handy to sweep away any excess powder as you work. With a flat foundation or eyeshadow brush, apply bronzer to create contours around the cheeks, nose, chin and browbone, then add blusher using the same technique.

  • Step 3

    Next work on the eyes: colour the irises to match your own, then choose shadows to suit your colouring.
    Using flat brushes, apply the shadows, blending and emphasizing the socket line to create depth. You may find it easier to use smaller, stiffer brushes than you would normally use on your face.
    For eyeliner, apply minimal pencil direct to the paper, then use a liner brush to smudge it. To create the lashes, try liquid liner on a very fine brush or just use
    a black pencil. You don’t need to apply mascara – just give an idea of lashes. It’s tricky to get brows right with a brow pencil, so use a coloured pencil to create a shape then fill with powder on a liner brush.
    Use a flat brush to apply the lipstick. With a liner, add depth around the edges and between the lips. Clear nail polish is great for adding the appearance of gloss on the lips.
    When you’ve finished, use a normal pencil eraser to remove any smudges from around the face. You can then apply a light mist of hairspray to set your look.

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