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tgif quickie :: fabric-wrapped initials
This week's quickie is a fun little project that's perfect for doing with kids. They can help with almost everything--minus the glue gun parts, of course. And, moms, you will be relieved to know that despite their involvement, it will still turn out cute. Maybe you're not a control freak like me...but maybe you are. I don't judge.

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  • How to make a letter. Fabric Wrapped Initials - Step 1
    Step 1

    Get it:

    paper wrapped wire (I got mine at Michaels--giant spool for $5-ish)
    fabric scraps, cut into strips at least 1" wide. Length doesn't matter much.
    glue gun
    buttons, bits, beads and baubles
    other fun things, like birds (mine were at the Dollar Store--score)
    cord for hanging

  • How to make a letter. Fabric Wrapped Initials - Step 2
    Step 2

    Do it:

    Unwrap a length of wire and start bending it into desired initial. Lower case is always easier. Some initials might require you to cut the wire and use multiple pieces. Not too hard. When you've achieved your desired shape, make sure to double back the pokey ends so no one ends up stuck. That's not quality time when someone is bleeding.

  • How to make a letter. Fabric Wrapped Initials - Step 3
    Step 3

    This part is fun and easy. Taking your strips of fabric, glue down one end and simply wrap it around the wire. You can finish it off by gluing the end down or tying it to the next strip, which looks pretty cute, too. Continue all around until all the wire is covered. You might need to tighten up parts or add bit more glue in spots. It's all good..

  • How to make a letter. Fabric Wrapped Initials - Step 4
    Step 4

    Decide where you want your other fun tid-bits to go. Sew on buttons or beads, glue on flowers and birds. It's still pretty flexible, even wrapped in fabric, so you can make adjustments to the shape as needed.

  • How to make a letter. Fabric Wrapped Initials - Step 5
    Step 5

    That's it. I know. Who needs a tutorial for THAT? Well, I'm feeling pretty lazy this Friday. You can modify the shape--I made an egg for Easter, heart for Valentine's etc. This would also make a great project for a girl's birthday party. Little girls gathered around, giddily crafting...pure heaven.

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Magenta · Adrian, Michigan, US · 4 projects
I'm making this right now for my neice's birthday. As soon as im done wrapping it's going to be covered in flowers and butterflies! She's going to love it! Thank you for this!
Dolly · 26 projects
Awwe, all of your projects are great! Deff. a fan!

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