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Fabric Printing

Print any image on to fabric. • Posted by Cat Morley

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0 h 20


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Medium vamp1



  1. Small 785

    It's best to work in a well ventilated area otherwise the fumes will get to you.

  2. Small 786

    Tape the image face down on to the fabric.

  3. Small 787

    Soak the brush with a little bit of turpentine and brush it on to a small section of the image. Rub down on the area with something hard (such as the end of a paint brush) for a few minutes.

  4. Small 788

    Paint more of the image with turpentine and repeat step 3 until you have covered the whole image.

  5. Small 789

    When you have finished painting and rubbing the entire image take a peak under one of the corners. If the image is too faint repeat the previous steps until the print is dark enough.