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Fabric Covered Pokébutton

A tutorial on making fabric covered buttons! • Posted by Lauren

This tutorial can be used to make any kind of fabric buttons, I just decided to turn mine into a Pokéball. :)

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This tutorial can be used to make any kind of fabric buttons, I just decided to turn mine into a Pokéball. :)


  1. Small p1060936 1319877801

    Measure the back of your button from the edge to the shank. Draw around your button using a tailors pen on your scrap fabric, then add the distance from the edge to the shank around the circle.

  2. Small p1060938 1319877977

    I drew the basic lines of the pokéball onto the smaller circle, using a circle stencil for the small, middle circle and measuring with a ruler to find the centre line (make this line about 1mm). Once your lines are drawn on, stick a piece of masking tape across the middle, touching the line you drew across the middle.

  3. Small p1060940 1319878148

    Paint one side of the circle red, overlapping the masking tape if necessary.

  4. Small p1060944 1319878568

    My fabric paint required me to iron the back of the fabric to set the paint when dry, so I did this now.

  5. Small p1060945 1319878606

    Repeat step 3 on the other side of the circle, this time using white paint.

  6. Small p1060947 1319883631

    Repeat step 4 once the white paint is dry, and then add two pieces of masking tape on either side of the centre line.

  7. Small p1060949 1319883734

    Fill in the centre line between the two pieces of masking tape using black paint, leaving the small, middle circle blank.

  8. Small p1060951 1319883799

    After removing the masking tape, once the black paint is dry, paint the middles circle in using white paint and black for the outline.

  9. Small p1060955 1319883859

    Cut out the painted circle and sew tacking stitches around the outside.

  10. Small p1060962 1319883987

    Pull the tacking stitches tight to gather the circle around the button and pull it as tight as possible.

  11. Small p1060965 1319884039

    Sew the fabric tight around the gathered area to secure the fabric around the button.

  12. Small p1070008 1319884432

    Attach your button to your garment and wear with pride!