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In my efforts to spruce up my craft space, I decided to cover some large magnet boards in fabric. The boards are from Ikea. I got them many years back, but I am sure there is something similar available currently. For the fabric, I chose this large floral print that has the bright blues and greens I want to use as a color palette in this room.

These boards feel like works of art in themselves, but they’re also great for organizing pins and supplies and displaying ideas and keepsakes. I turned a lot of sentimental objects – gifts from the kids and my friends – into magnets, so I get to see and use them every day.


  • How to make a magnetic board. Fabric Covered Magnet Board - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut a piece of fabric about 1.5 inches bigger than your board in each direction. If you want to add some interest – or you don’t have enough of your fabric, or both! – you can join multiple pieces together. Iron it thoroughly.

  • How to make a magnetic board. Fabric Covered Magnet Board - Step 2
    Step 2

    Coat the face of the magnet board with spray adhesive and lay your fabric on top, smoothing out the wrinkles. Use a glue stick to wrap the fabric around the sides and back of the board. I tried using hot glue initially, and it cooled too quickly on the metal surface, giving a lumpy result, so I definitely recommend the glue stick.

    I added some ribbon as a finishing touch and ta-da!

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