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Fabric Brochure

Organize your fabric stash with a fabric brochure. • Posted by Cat Morley

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


1 h 00


Pretty Easy
Medium brochure



  1. Small 2067

    Before you begin, you will need to download the page pdf above and print this out on to thick paper or card, make 15 of these initially.

  2. Small 2068

    Designate a page per colour and colour in a tab on the right with that colour. One tab per page.

  3. Small 2069

    Cut off the remaining tabs that you did not colour.

  4. Small 2070

    Cut a small square from your fabric.

  5. Small 2071

    Stick this to the page and write in it's details below: fabric type, fabric colour, amount you have in your stash and where you bought it from.

  6. Small 2072

    Label the fabric with a code, and then place a tab on to the fabric with the corresponding code. Continue this with the rest of your fabric.

  7. Small 2073

    Make pages for all the colours and use any remaining tabs for things like felt, ribbon and trimmings.

  8. Small 2074

    Now, download the <a href="/photos/howto/misc/fabricbrochure/cover.pdf">cover pdf</a> and print this out on to coloured card. Place this on the front of your brochure and a second, blank bit of card, at the back.

  9. Small 2075

    Punch holes through the entire stack and slip on a couple of jump rings. Now you're ready to get organized.