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The perfect place to throw your scraps when sewing!
I’m subscribed to this blog called Pink Penguin (it’s so cute!) and I saw this tutorial a while ago for making a fabric basket. Browsing through my internet bookmarks I saw it again and thought, why not? I have time and the materials.
So there are some serious flaws in it; lining’s too shallow, the squares don’t match up, I made a huge mistake sewing the lining onto the outer piece so it’s got this funny ring all around it (which I don’t like at all) but it’s been a learning experience. I also had to wrestle with my sewing machine to make it stop eating all the thread (still haven’t figured out why it did that, but I got it to work eventually) which was a complete pain in the rear.
Anyway, it’s finished. I think I’m going to use it to collect all the scrap bits of fabric and loose threads I cut off my pieces in the future.


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