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Fabric Ball Necklace

Use up your old fabric scraps to make a cute necklace. • Posted by Cat Morley

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  1. Small 2183

    Take, or cut, a long strip of fabric.

  2. Small 2184

    Take it in your hand and crush it up, folding the tail of the fabric over and over.

  3. Small 2185

    Roll it up in to a ball.

  4. Small 2186

    Take a length of wire and wrap it around the ball, securing the fabric's shape. Snip off any excess wire and tuck the pointy edges down in to the fabric ball.

  5. Small 2187

    Make a big pile of fabric balls, about 10.

  6. Small 2188

    Thread a needle with some embroidery thread.

  7. Small 2189

    Take two balls and stitch them together. Snip off any excess thread.

  8. Small 2190

    Repeat this with the remaining balls.

  9. Small 2191

    Cut two lengths of ribbon and sew them to either end of your ball necklace.

  10. Small 2192

    Tie the two lengths of ribbon together and you've made a cute necklace.