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Exotic Necklace

Make a statement with this striking necklace and create an exotic addition to your jewellery collection. • Posted by Beads Unlimited

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Medium necklacelowres



  1. Small fig1lowres

    Thread each of the bone beads onto an eyepin, with the cutting part of your pliers trim the eyepin leaving a good centimetre. Using the round part of the pliers bend into a loop.

  2. Small fig2lowres

    To make the centre section. Thread one turquoise washer, one turquoise 5mm round bead, one 15mm pink bead, then another round bead and finally the last washer onto an eyepin. Trim the eyepin leaving a good centimetre, bend around into a loop. Take two of the eyepins with the 1 ½” bone beads and two of the 1” beads. Attach the two longest beads to one end of your centre eyepin, and the other two to the remaining end. Using your pliers open a jump ring, join the eyepins together to create a bottom heavy diamond shape, and close the jump rings.

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    For the links either side of your centre piece, thread two eyepins with one glass yellow bead, one 10mm lilac bead followed by another glass yellow one. Trim the eyepins leaving a centimetre and bend into a loop. Take 4 of the ½” black bone beads, attach two of them to each side of your centre eyepin, with a jump ring join them together to create a diamond shape.

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    Continue making the links with your remaining beads. Thread a 10mm bead either side of the corresponding colour 15mm bead onto an eyepin, trim the eyepin and bend it into a loop. You will need one yellow, one red, two orange and two pink/lilac links to complete the necklace. Make the yellow and red links with the 1 ½” bone beads. Make the rest in the 1” beads.

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    Using your pliers open a jump ring and join the links together in the following order: a pink/lilac link to an orange link, then to a large yellow link, a small pink/lilac and yellow link, next your centre piece, continue with another small pink/lilac and yellow link. Next add your large red one, then the orange link and finally the remaining pink/lilac link.

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    To finish your necklace, use your pliers to open a jump ring and join the toggle to one end, join the bar to the other end of the necklace in the same way and it is now complete.

  7. Small necklacelowres

    This is what your finished necklace should look like.