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Bring the countess out to play
Whatever you want to use really - I will post more pictures later.

I used a mixture of real period pieces, an Arctic Fox Fur head, metalwork, sewing, all kinds of stuff. Let your imagination go wild

Posted by Kasey Kasket from Ormond Beach, Florida, United States • Published See Kasey Kasket's 23 projects »


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Kasey Kasket
Kasey Kasket · Ormond Beach, Florida, US · 25 projects
I haven't been on CO+Keep in some time, I apologize. I made the dress myself, the photos are both me. I update my Facebook page regularly, so if you'd like to see more items you can look there. I also sell my things on Etsy, on my own dot com, and I dress other models in my clothing, not just myself. Go to www.facebook.com/kaseyskasket to start, I wouldn't mind sharing how I made the items, I just lost interest in posting on here because it took too much time with no reward.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
I love the dress & the sleeves!! Did you make all of it? ...you should post a tut for the sleeves. ;) lol
aranumenwen · Aurora, Illinois, US · 117 projects
I was just wondering if that main picture is you, or someone else and you recreated the dress/outfit. I can't really tell by comparing it to the other picture. Pretty sure there was some crazy photo editing going on in the main pic.

Lol the first time I looked at this project there was only one picture, I was really confused. Glad to see you posted another picture. I thought maybe it was just an idea/pipe dream to recreate dress since everything was so vague.

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