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Dropdead cute pin in emily strange-style <3
I decided to make my own Emily Strange Kitten-Plushie instead of wasting LOTS of money buying one. Well, the first crafty outcome was a cute pin, about 7 cm high...

PLEEEEEASE show me your versions <3 I'm always so curious about other people doing this stuff...
( Guess today is a "using the word stuff alot-day"... )

Posted by FrolleinKram from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States • Published See FrolleinKram's 127 projects »

  • How to make a foam brooch. Emily Strange Kitten Pin - Step 1
    Step 1

    Get your stuff. Besides the typical crafting stuff ( glue, scissors, pencil ), you need... darn, I dunno the english word... You know, these thin foam-like sheets, sumthin between paper and fabric .___. Uhm, well, you need that in black and white. Plus: Pink or red paper and a heart shaped stamping thing. Solid paper for the pattern AND a normal hole puncher AND one of these waterproof, smelly black pens. Puuh.

  • How to make a foam brooch. Emily Strange Kitten Pin - Step 2
    Step 2

    Make your pattern using the original plushies as a model. Not so hard!

  • Step 3

    Cut the body out of the foam stuff ( black ), the "skull" in white. We also need the chest-bones. Not so easy to cut because it's really small! Just do a shape like that:
    ( hope this works ;) )
    Punch out 4 circles of white foamstuff for the pawns.
    Plus, use the heart punching thing to get a pink or black paper heart. You can cut this by hand, too. Hehe, HF with that... I tried. I sucked. BIG TIME! ^____^

  • Step 4

    Paint face with smelly pen! Juuuust take the original plushies to get the idea. I love that thing with the star-shaped eye, but I suck in drawing stars :P Punch a hole in the scull for the second eye. Be careful with that ^^

    Glue stuff together. Shouldn't need a picture for that ^^

    Glue heart under chestbonestuff!!!

  • How to make a foam brooch. Emily Strange Kitten Pin - Step 5
    Step 5

    Glue a pin-thing behind kitties head, let dry and here you go! Wear with pride... And don't make such an emo photo as I did xD

  • How to make a foam brooch. Emily Strange Kitten Pin - Step 6
    Step 6

    I also made a hair clip <3³
    But the glue is still wet, so I can't show you how it's looking on my head ;)

    This thing came out rather big... If you have non-black hair, you can go without the lighter purple foamstuff-layer...

    STUFF! Gnah, love that word ^___^

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Annika G.
Annika G. · Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, US · 10 projects
That thin foam like sheets IS just called foam sheets.
great project.
Nikki S.
Nikki S. · Oakland, California, US · 9 projects
I love Emily Strange. This is adorable. I think I have to make one for myself.
Valentina M.
Valentina M. · 1 project
this stuff is cute!
black diamond
black diamond · Israel, Ohio, US
so cute ! Happy
Sleepy_Lime · Marykirk, Scotland, GB · 4 projects
i bought an emily strange pencil case the is just like the pin u made!!
· Independence, Missouri, US
nicely done pin and your hair clip too sooo cute!!
Rabe Nacht </3
Rabe Nacht </3 · Corpus Christi, Texas, US
I love Emily the strange!!! what a cute project, it looks so real!!! LOVE IT!
Miaka · Schlüchtern, Hesse, DE · 29 projects
Sehr niedlich =)
Kann man bestimmt auch ganz gut aus Filz machen und mit Textilfarbe bemalen, das sieht mMn immer etwas hübscher aus als Moosgummi. Nur das Bemalen ist nervig xD
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
That is very cute, I love Emily!
bears · 11 projects
i love it!
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