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Be prepared for when you get ill by making yourself an emergency sick kit.
Be prepared for when you get ill by making yourself an emergency sicky kitty kit. Get a box and fill it with all of the things you think you will need when you are sick. Stash it away in your medicine cabinet where it can be forgotten about and then when you start to get sick it will be your lifesaver. If one of your friends get sick you could make them up a mini one and cheer them up.<br /><br />

Here are a few suggestions on items to include:<br />

Posted by Cat Morley from London, United Kingdom • Published See Cat Morley's 1146 projects »

You Will Need

  • Step 1

    <strong>Phone Numbers:</strong> Stick a little note with all the important numbers you will need on the inside lid of your box. Include your doctors number, your favourite take-out number (who wants to cook when sick?) and your favouritest and chattiest friends numbers.

  • Step 2

    <strong>Basic Pills:</strong> Get a good selection of pills for whatever problems may arise. Paracetamol for headaches, asprin for general pains, period painkillers for those achey days, It's a good idea to look at what's in the packets, usually the cheap own brand pills are exactly the same as the expensive name brands.

  • Step 3

    <strong>Plasters (in bright colours):</strong> If you get a cut, you'll feel a lot less oogie and look a lot more stylish with a bright coloured or pretty patterned plaster.

  • Step 4

    <strong>Ear plugs + sleep mask:</strong> No doubt your sleeping pattern will be messed up and if you live in a busy city, these will be essential for getting an undisturbed sleep.

  • Step 5

    <strong>Cute tissues:</strong> Get some stylish tissues or ones with your favourite cartoon character. They'll hopefully put a smile on your face when you get a sniffy nose or at least you'll look stylish for the postie.

  • Step 6

    <strong>Cold sore cream and lipsil:</strong> The worst thing in the world is having a cold sore and cracked lips without having anything to put on them.

  • Step 7

    <strong>Notepad + Pen:</strong> You can come up with the craziest ideas when you are sick so take advantage of your altered state.

  • Step 8

    <strong>Money:</strong> Put a tenner in an envelope and slip in your favourite take-out menu. You don't want to have to run out to the cash machine in your pjamas just to get something yummy to eat.

  • Step 9

    <strong>Sachet of Hot Chocolate / Soup:</strong> Sachets are small and compact and can prove to be a tasty treat when you are feeling awful.

  • Step 10

    <strong>Face masks / beauty treats:</strong> There's no better time to make yourself feel pretty.

  • Step 11

    <strong>List of things to do:</strong> Make a list of all the movies, books and things you mean to do so that you can take advantage of the sofa / bed time.

  • Step 12

    <strong>Sweets + treats:</strong> The extra sugar will help give you some energy. I recommend a kinder egg for the extra surprise. Just make sure not to pick one with a jigsaw in.

  • Step 13

    <strong>Hangover cure:</strong> No doubt, the majority of ill time will be thanks to alcohol. So make sure to include your favourite hangover cure whether it be a can of 7up / iron bru or a sachet of tea.

  • Step 14

    <strong>Minty Gum:</strong> Keep your breath smelling minty fresh.

  • Step 15

    <strong>Menthol Nose Spray:</strong> To unblock your nose and help you breath easy.

  • Step 16

    <strong>Bandages / Cotton Buds / Cut Cleaner:</strong> For all those big cuts and bumps.

  • Step 17

    <strong>Cough Sweets:</strong> To help those sore throats.

  • Step 18

    <strong>Bath Bomb:</strong> The most relaxing and soothing thing you can do is have a bath so make sure to add a little treat to make that bath extra special.

  • Step 19

    <strong>Novel / CD / DVD:</strong> If you are making the box for a friend make sure to add a little something to keep them entertained.



Fluro C.
Fluro C. · 3 projects
Oh Cat your full of great ideas!Plz post up what ever pops into your mind! I luuuuuurve this idea! :0
isobel.l · Basingstoke, England, GB · 61 projects
cat, also this is my 100th favoried project!!!
isobel.l · Basingstoke, England, GB · 61 projects
i think i may need this for tomorrow!
Ichigo M.
Ichigo M. · 13 projects
aww i need to make this. i'm kinda sick right now and it's annoying me..
lauren x
lauren x
z o m b i e
z o m b i e · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 5 projects
Oh my god, this is such a great idea with all my medical problems. Having a box ready for my problems ready seems like such a great idea. You've made my day! *faves*
quirky been v.
quirky been v. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 8 projects
r u british? if u are that is awesome. i like british people... nice accents
Sylvie P.
Sylvie P. · 1 project
Cute idea. I might do one but include MUCH more food Happy). I get the urge to eat at the weirdest times when ill Happy
m · Yorba Linda, California, US · 9 projects
such a cute idea to give to friends and fam!! love it!
Cupcake girl
Cupcake girl · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 28 projects
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