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Embroidery Hoop Wall Art.

Use fabric scraps and an embroidery hoop for making a colorful piece of wall art. • Posted by Luloveshandmade

A colorful DIY for you with which you can recycle your fabric scraps. :)

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A colorful DIY for you with which you can recycle your fabric scraps. :)


  1. Small hoop 2

    You need: - A wooden embroidery hoop - Lots of little fabric scraps - Pins - A plain piece of fabric which is a bit bigger than the hoop - A hot-glue gun - A sewing machine (but you can also sew by hand, it only takes a bit longer)

  2. Small hoop 3

    Put the wooden embroidery hoop onto the plain piece of fabric and draw a dotted line around it, leaving a tiny bit of space. This line marks the area in which you attach the scraps. Next, cut out lots of fabrics scraps of about the same size. :)

  3. Small hoop 4

    Cut the scraps in shape and attach the first row on the bottom of your dotted area and see if it fits well. The area which you fill with scraps should be bigger than the loop. After you've attachted the first row of scraps with pins, use your sewing machine (or your hands) to sew them onto the piece of fabric.

  4. Small hoop 5

    Do the same with all the other rows, starting at the bottom and finishing on the top until the whole marked area is filled with fabric scraps. Next, take your wooden hoop to frame your colorful picture.

  5. Small hoop 6

    Use the hot-glue gun to attach the edges of the fabric onto the back and then you're done! :) So colorful, so easy and such a pretty home decor item and a way to recycle some of your fabric leftovers! :)