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Hearts are always a popular design trend and this embroidered version is especially pretty
Lovely floral heart in summer shades is a great little embroidery that fits perfectly within a 6” hoop so it’s easy to stitch on the go if you choose.
I’ve used my finished embroidery to create a lavender heart, but you could add this design to all sorts of projects - the only limit is your imagination!

Finished embroidery measures 4 ½” approx

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  • 113483_2F2016-02-22-194708-EmbroideredLoveHeartGiveawayJan16.pdf 3.91 MB [ Download ]
  • Step 1

    The heart is worked with two strands of floss throughout.
    The only stitches used are back stitch, straight stitch and satin stitch.

    To work the dual-coloured flowers begin at the centre and work straight stitches of different lengths radiating outwards from the centre, but stopping before the edges of the petals. Vary the lengths of these stitches, then fill in the space between their ends and the edges of the petals with straight stitches in the flower colour.

    Finish by working a few tiny stitches at the centre to cover the place where your stitches meet.

    A full stitching guide is included in the pattern download.

  • How to make a shape plushie. Embroidered Love Heart - Step 2
    Step 2

    To make up heart: With your pinking shears cut around your
    embroidery ½” from the edge

    Place your heart in the centre of the right side of one of your 7” squares of background fabric and machine stitch all around the edge using matching thread to join your embroidery to the
    background fabric

    With right side up, fold your ribbon or tape in half and pin into place at the top of the heart, with the loop facing downwards towards the point.

    Ÿ Place second 7” square of fabric on top and pin together. Flip over so the piece with the heart stitched to it is on the top. Ÿ Using the machine stitching line attaching the heart as a guide, stitch all the way around the heart ¼” outside that line

  • How to make a shape plushie. Embroidered Love Heart - Step 3
    Step 3

    Cut out heart shape leaving a ¼” seam allowance. I find it much easier to manipulate the two squares of fabric and cut out the heart shape a t the end rather than cut out two hearts first and worry about them slipping around. But that’s just me. If you prefer to cut out two heart shapes and then sew them together then that’s absolutely OK Ÿ Trim seam allowances and clip curves. Turn heart the right way round and stuff. Hang by loop and enjoy!

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Helen C.
Helen C.
It really looks nice and easy. I think I'll make some to hang in the kitchen!Love
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