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For bug enthusiasts and those who like giving people a scare
Embroidered button pet spiders are perfect pick-me-ups and great for getting nervous yelps out of people. You can even hide one on your sock if you're going somewhere it wouldn't be welcome, and then simply knowing it's there will have you smiling and giggling to yourself.

**For this project, you'll want to make sure to pull the embroidery thread very gently and keep it somewhat loose, or you'll end up bunching up the clothing you're sewing onto.**

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  • Step 1

    Sew the black button, the body of your spider, onto your piece of clothing wherever you'd like the spider to sit.

  • Step 2

    Thread your embroidery needle and embroider the head of the spider in whichever direction you'd like it to face. Keep the knot in the thread hidden, whether that means putting it under the button or on the inner side of the clothing. Don't fasten of the thread yet; move onto the next step!

  • Step 3

    Embroider the legs. You could trace them ahead of time, though either way, it may take a couple tries to get them exactly how you'd like.

  • Step 4

    Insert your needle downward to the inner side of your article of clothing. Tie a knot with the thread and then cut off the excess.

  • Step 5

    (Optional) Use fusible webbing to patch a piece of fabric over the strings on the inner side of the clothing, if they make you itch.

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This is so adorable. nωn Lovely pictures too!
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