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Embossed Note Book

simple embossed note book • Posted by EastCoastRainbow

This is my first project so I hope you enjoy making this!

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This is my first project so I hope you enjoy making this!


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    Just a quick note, I use a fancy type of patterned paper. its the sort that has the fibers of fabric in it you can pick this up for only a couple of pounds from WhSmith.

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    Take your jotter and cut a piece of card to fit the front cover, We will use the card to stiffen the jotter. Glue the piece of card to the front of the jotter. (I find using 'tacky' pva glue works much better as it dosn't ripple the card and is easier to work with.)

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    Take your cardboard Silhouette, I got mine in a big bag of paper off cuts i buy from Poundland. If you don't have any try just using some thick cardboard and cut it down with a craft knife to the shape you want. Glue your silhouette onto the jotter.

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    Cover the jotter in a healthy amount of glue and use your brush to paste it over the jotter.

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    Cut your paper to size and carefully place over the jotter, use a pencil or the end of a pin to smooth the paper into the sides of the silhouette.

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    Add a strip of paper along the top.

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    And your done!