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Embellished Candles Diy

Embellish candles with any image and Marabu Candle Liners! • Posted by Mark Montano

Turn any plain pillar candle into a work of art!

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Turn any plain pillar candle into a work of art!


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    White pillar candles Marabu Candle Liners Tissue paper & copy paper Hair dryer White school glue Images to print

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    1. Press the tissue paper perfectly flat using the no-steam setting 2. Cut the tissue to copy paper size (8 1/2" x 11") and then carefully glue the very edges to a piece of copy paper 3. On your home computer, print out the images in the size you want on the tissue paper *Let the ink dry for a minute 4. Carefully cut around each image 5. Using tiny dabs of white school glue, adhere the image to the candle 6. Using a blow dryer, carefully warm the wax enough to allow the tissue paper to adhere to the candle *Don't get the wax, too hot. Only a little at a time! 7. - 9. Embellish the images with Marabu Candle Liners *Marabu Candle Liners dry a bit darker than the color and the metallic gold looks like liquid gold when it's dry.

  3. Watch how to make them here!