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Elmo And Cookie Cup Cakes
Chocolate Cupcakes With Marmalade
Raspberry Coconut Cupcakes
Little Peach Cakes
Based on Elmo And Cookie Cup Cakes by Kyla

I actually got the idea from here -

My Elmo's have strawberry icing and the Cookie Monsters have raspberry <3

The eyes are milky bar buttons and elmo's nose is an orange peanut m&m


Horror Cakes

Horror Cakes

Fantastically gory Halloween cupcake recipe.

♥ 76
Jack Skellington Cake

Jack Skellington Cake

the easiest, looks good cake you'll ever make!

♥ 14
Hunger Games Cupcakes

Hunger Games Cupcakes

something to eat while you watch the film!

♥ 90
Frosty The Snowman

Frosty The Snowman

This is the perfect cake for a Christmas party, as it will feed a good crowd of hungry mouths.

♥ 11
Martin Luther King Jr. Cake

Martin Luther King Jr. Cake

MLK cake

♥ 0
R2 D2 Cake

R2 D2 Cake

This IS the droid you are looking for...

♥ 176


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