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Give Your Sweetie (or family member) something to smile about!
Well, it was my boyfriend's eighteenth birthday and my dad said something about giving my sister twenty-two kisses for her birthday (her birthday is a day after my boyfriends). Then as I was putting the finishing touches on his gift, it hit me, why not give him eighteen kisses? So that's what I did!

By the way, sorry there aren't too many pictures. I forgot to take them when I was doing it.

Posted by Cake Eater Sarah from Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States • Published See Cake Eater Sarah's 3 projects »

  • How to use a printing techniques. Eighteen Kisses - Step 0
    Step 1

    Start out with your things you will need! Use something to place your fresh kisses on to Mod Podge. I used a brown paper bag I got with a purchase of one of my gifts. I cut it to size and saved the rest for another project. I then grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with water. Then I got ready for the kisses.

  • Step 2

    Next grab your piece of printer paper (or cardstock, which might work better), and smear on that lipstick! It doesn't have to be perfect, I think it looks sexier when a bit messy. Then kiss the paper and repeat applying the lipstick until you have the total amount of kisses for the number of years that person has lived. If you want, you can use different colors, but I would be sure to clean your lips before a different color. Now, grab your scissors and start cutting out your lips.

  • Step 3

    Now grab your paper (brown paper bag), tape it down, and set the kisses onto it. Make sure none of the lips cover each other. Now grab your paint brush and Mod Podge, and start painting. I put a thick layer on mine, but do as you please. Also, I suggest putting Mod Podge where they will be sitting as well, so that it covers the back. By the way, the Mod Podge layer is to keep the lipstick from smearing, since it never completely dries. Saves you from a lot of mess!

  • Step 4

    Allow your lips (the ones on paper!) to dry and cut out the shapes from the paper bag. You can try to peel them, but it didn't work out for me very well. Now you have your kisses! Label the backs with the numbers or with sweet sayings! Put them in an envelope or do as you please with them!

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Rachel J.
Rachel J. · Ellensburg, Washington, US · 3 projects
that is sooooo cute Happy <3
bf's 19th is coming up soon Happy
Spobret · Loughborough, England, GB · 3 projects
My boyfriends 30th in a couple of months, this is a wonderful idea... i'm gonna put them in an envelope marked "30 reasons i love you" and then write something cute on the back of every set of lips! Thankyou so much, this is a beautiful idea
This Girl
This Girl · Riverside, California, US
This is a really cute idea!!
This Girl
This Girl · Riverside, California, US
This is a really cute idea!!
blufairy · Sherman, Texas, US · 3 projects
this is the kind of thing that will make him adore u 4ever
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee · Kansas City, Missouri, US · 16 projects
That is really creative! I like it! Clever little idea. :3

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