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40 mins

Eggless by choice or by no-other-choice!
I have a condition that does not allow me to eat eggs. So, instead of never being able to eat cake again (THE TORTURE!!) I use this recipe instead.

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  • Step 1

    Buy a boxed cake mix. Instead of eggs and oil, add one 12 oz can of carbonated soda. Mix lightly by hand. If you mix it too much, the cake will be very dense.

    You may need to play with cook times and/or adding 1 tablespoon of flour depending upon your altitude, etc.

  • Step 2

    The cake in the pic is a carrot cake with ginger ale. Be creative with your combos. Here are some that have worked for me:
    7-up and white or yellow cake.
    Cherry Coke and chocolate cake.
    Watermelon-flavored soda and strawberry cake.
    Grape soda and white cake.
    I wonder if champagne and white cake would work....

    *Note!* Chocolate cake and 7-up DO NOT taste good together.

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carmen · 1 project
this recipe saved my life! i'm vegan so i'd rather not eat something that would have been such a cute little animal:
i love you!Happy
Steves · 23 projects
Oh, wow! Great combo! The white cake with 7 up and orange jello reminds me of those orange sherbet Popsicles. Did it taste like that?
wendy m.
wendy m.
I made two for Easter. They were great! Chocolate with Coke and Choc frosting. And white with 7-up and then orange jello and Cool Whip. I have a nephew who can't have eggs and this was perfect!
Steves · 23 projects
Surprisingly enough, yep it does. Try it. When you're making it, it feels like your doing a mad scientist science experiment.
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki · 5 projects
that looks cool does it work ?????