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Wirework jewellery
I had so much fun experimenting with wirework using at first paper clips, making coils, swirls, free forming, just a lot of playing really. When I eventually bought proper jewellery wire, this is one of the first pieces I made. It's a simple geometric square swirl pattern and is formed by gripping the wire with flat nose pliers and bending the wire to create a right angle, moving the pliers along to where you'd like the next bend to be, bend again and so on.
(I used the pliers as a spacer/measurer - the edge of the jaw for instance was aligned to the corner of the previous row and the wire bent where it emerges out of the other side of the jaw, thus making the space between each row uniformly the width of the plier jaw.)

The pendant was made in the same way, only bigger! You change the pattern to that in the pictures by holding the piece between your thumb and finger, and, using your other hand for support, gently twist outwards until the second row corners move to a point midway between two corners of the outermost row. The whole piece will have changed shape but you will still need to make little adjustments until you achieve the desired pattern.
I took a couple of pictures of my doing this to one of the earrings and I hope this provides more of a visual description of what I mean (I've now reshaped the earring back to its original form!)

The earwires were just made as a basic U-shape around a pen or pencil making one side longer than the other. Make a loop at the long end to attach the piece to. For extra swing, you can add a jump ring here.


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Amberlynn Reid
Amberlynn Reid · Kathmandu, Central Region, NP · 67 projects
pretty good...actually it is awesome

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