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Easy Rustic Container

Hemp cord, cording, container, mod podge, glue, DIY, easy, recycle • Posted by Marvelous Jennifer

Simple design for home/room decoration

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Simple design for home/room decoration


  1. First select a chip or candy cardboard container at any Dollar general, Rose's, or an Variety wholesale store. empty contents. Wipe inside gently with a disinfectant.

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    Spread an area of mod podge/ glue on the container at the top or bottom, Doesn't have to be a large amount just enough for one section to beheld as you begin to wrap the cord around he container. Notes: I counted four wraps before adding more paste for net row

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    After reaching opposite end of the container, apply paste over top of last wrapped and start wrapping second layer of cord. Reaching starting end and paste down any loose ends.