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First Time Knitting
Making a simple hat is a terrific way to expand on the basic technique for knitting in the round. Once you get your stitches joined in the round you’ll find this to be an easy, take-along project. Consider choosing an interesting yarn such as this self-striping yarn. Any small inconsistencies in your knitting will be disguised by the details in the yarn. The circumference of this hat is 20" (60 cm), which should fit most adults.



• 5 bulky weight, self-striping yarn, approx. 105 yd (96 m)


• US size 11 (8 mm) 16" (40 cm) circular needle or size needed to achieve gauge
• US size 11 (8 mm) 7" (18 cm) double pointed needles or same size used to achieve gauge
• Circular stitch marker
• Yarn needle for weaving in ends


• 12 sts = 4" (10 cm) in stockinette stitch

Finished Dimensions

• Sized to fit a medium adult head
• 20" (51 cm) circumference by 8" (20 cm) height


• Knitting a hat in the round using circular needles
• Changing to double-point needles from circular
• Adding a decorative braid to the top of the hat

Posted by Creative Publishing international Published See Creative Publishing international's 96 projects » © 2021 Carri Hammett / Creative Publishing International · Reproduced with permission. · First Time Knitting: Step-by-Step Basics and Easy Projects by Carri Hammett. Published by Creative Publishing International, £12.99.
  • Step 1

    How to Knit the Hat:

    Cast on 60 stitches and join in the round being careful not to twist. Place marker to indicate the beginning of the round. Knit 2 rounds, slipping the marker as you come to it.

  • Step 2

    To stop the brim from rolling a few rounds of ribbing are added.
    Round 1: *K2, p2*; repeat from * to * to end of round. Repeat round 1 three more times for a total of 4 ribbing rounds.

  • Step 3

    From this point on, knit all rounds. Continue knitting around and around until the length from the cast-on edge is approximately 5." (13 cm). The rolled brim below the ribbing will need to be unrolled to obtain an accurate measurement.

  • Step 4

    Shape top. The stitches now need to be decreased to shape the crown. Work through all of the rows shown below. Change to double-pointed needles when the stitches will no longer fit comfortably around the circular needle. Use four doublepointed needles to hold the stitches and the fifth needle as the free needle for knitting. Arrange the stitches as shown in the Skills section (page 90) with 15 stitches on each needle to begin.
Round 2: *K13, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—56 sts remain.
    Round 3: *K5, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—48 sts remain.
    Round 4: Knit.
    Round 5 : *K4, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—40 sts remain.
    Round 6: Knit.
    Round 7: *K3, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—32 sts remain.
    Round 8: Knit.
    Round 9: *K2, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—24 sts remain
    Round 10: Knit.
    Round 11: *K1, k2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—16 sts remain.
    Round 12: Knit.
    Round 13: *K2tog*; repeat from * to * to end of round—8 sts remain

  • Step 5

    Finish the top. To finish the hat, cut the yarn, leaving a tail at least 8" (20 cm) long. Using a yarn needle, thread the tail through the remaining stitches and pass through the hole in the top of the hat to the inside. Pull the tail firmly to close the hole and weave the ends into the stitches in the inside of the hat to secure.

  • Step 6

    The last step is to add a decorative braid to the top. Begin by cutting three strands of yarn about 1 yd (0.9 m) long. Thread the strands onto the yarn needle and pass under a stitch on either side of the hole at the top of the hat. Pull the strands so that equal lengths are on either side of the center hole on top of the hat. There will now be six strands, three on either side of the hole.

  • Step 7

    Tie an overhand knot with all six of the strands. Divide the strands into two sections of three each and braid each section to the desired length. Tie an overhead knot at the end of the braid and trim the unused yarn.

  • Step 8

    Weave in all other ends and lightly steam block if desired.

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