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Perfect to tame a step mother or impress a loved one
alright i thought i could share my own recipe by some coincidence i happened to make quite a bit of those lately if it interest anybody this is so easy its perfect for a beginner cook who want to impress a loved one whit something fresh sweet and delicious

if you have one of those cheesecake mold where the rim is removable after cooking it make it so much easier to cut it pretty without breaking it

enjoy the pie,

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  • Step 1

    the fun part

    insert cookies in a big zip-lock bag.. or any plastic bag resistant enough and without holes... think of somebody or something very irritating and WHACK THE HELL OUT OF IT........... until you feel better or you get crumbs

    add the suggar, your favorite spices so you dont feel like it only taste of cookies (make it your crust so it dont taste like everybody`s pie ) and the butter (melted but not burning remember you mix that whit your hand)

    ask your kid to mix it because unlike you they LOVE getting an excuse to have dirty hands.. now all you need is pat it tight in the pie mold

    rejoice you got a crust.. was it not easy took about 2 minute to do it all

  • Step 2

    mix the lime juice whit the condensed milk the egg yolks and the food coloring

    hurrah you got the filling.. that was one more minute of your time.. maybe 4 if you juiced the lime (small key lime please the big ones taste like lemonade yuk) yourself.. and you should, or your taste buds will hate you forever if you don't use fresh lime juice

  • Step 3

    preheat the oven to 375.
    insert pie filling in the crust and shove it all in the oven for 15 minute no more before chilling in the refrigirator.

    while it chill pick your favorite whip (metal not leather) and whisk the cream until you got a nice whipped cream.. add a little sugar and the zest of a lime for flavor (keyword LITTLE.. the pie is sweet enough an overly sweet whipped cream will be disgusting together you want it light and refreshing )i beg you not to buy the ready made super sweet additive filled store bought whipped cream you will ruin a perfectly good pie and possibly grow a third hand in the forehead whit all the junk in there don't take the risk it is not worth it...

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