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Easy, cute and makes a great gift or decoration!

This is so easy to make and is a great gift for friends or to yourself. I first made the board about seven years ago but just recently I have seen them in a few different craft stores, so I thought I would share my version.

Any size canvas and any amount of buttons or ribbon can be used. When they go on sale, I like to use the pre-cut fabric squares or Quilters Quarters from Craft Warehouse, cut 18''x20''. But I've also used old t-shirts or interesting patterns I've found while searching the clothing racks of Good Will. Also, instead of buying interfacing, I've used an old fleece blanket and quilt batting.

This picture board uses a 12x12 canvas with a 16''x16'' piece of fabric and 14''x14'' piece of interfacing. After everything has been cut, lay fabric face down, placing interfacing in the center, and then center the canvas on the interfacing. Fold corners in (like when wrapping a present) *see pic 3* and then just staple the fabric to the canvas! Easy as that! If you use ribbon, hot glue or staple the ribbon down. I like to use buttons because it holds the ribbon in place and those are easily sewed right through the canvas *see pic 2*.

Happy crafting my creative counterparts!



Nice board for all your pictures

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Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth R. · Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, US
I really love the colors!

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