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20 mins

Easy to make but you MUST have a blender
This was the first time I ever made it with a little bit of help, I didnt go off of a recipe and there isnt any recipes for black licorice ice cream on here that i know of. It came out really tasty and delicious! :)

Posted by TwixBreyerStables from U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, United States • Published See TwixBreyerStables's 15 projects »
  • Step 1

    PREPARATION: Cut up black licorice like you would celery. Put in a bowl and place to side.

    Get vanilla ice cream ready. What I used was Breyers 1/2 Fat no sugar added ice cream.

  • Step 2

    Put some ice cream at the bottom of blender and a few (4-5) pieces of licorice inside of there. Blend together until the licorice pieces are well chewn up by the blender but you can still see some pieces/chunks in there.

  • Step 3

    Layer ice cream on top, put 2-3 pieces of licorice on top and a little bit of Anise. Blend together. Taste. And do around the same proportions for the whole tub of ice cream, one layer after another until you get a ice cream like consistancy. Put in container and freeze like normal ice cream :) Serve and enjoy :D

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TwixBreyerStables · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 15 projects
We didnt but if you have a weak blender or I think the brand was Sunny Side or something then you need to soften them up just a little or cut the pieces to be REALLY small.

Thanks for adding my how-to
blue g.
blue g. · Nottingham, England, GB · 43 projects
Does it need to be soft liquorice?

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