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Duct Tape Hoop Earings

Super Cute and stylish • Posted by M3rcy M.

i was experminting and WALLA :) Hope you enjoy

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Almost Nothing


3 h 00


Nice & Simple
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i was experminting and WALLA :) Hope you enjoy


  1. Small step1 1283668713

    Cut as long as disery, also remember your making a hoop Me i used a 6in piece and got meidum sized hoop

  2. Small step2 1283668723

    Take it and fold it half way on sticky side like so

  3. Small step3 1283668744

    Then fold unsticky side(purple side) in half only on the unsticky side and barely on the sticky side

  4. Small step4 1283668774

    Fold the unsticky side on the sticky side *Also cut uneven sides at the ends of the tape

  5. Small step5 1283668796

    Cut a little piece of duck tape and wrap around the duct tape ends that are overlapping them Forming a hoop/ circle Take a safety pin or a pircing tool and poke a hole in the area where you overlaped the taped ends like so

  6. Small step6 1283668812

    Take and earing hook and undo the circle at the bottom of the earing hook Feed the earing hook throw the whole The earing hook end hangs out of th whole so now make a circle to help prevent it from falling out

  7. Small l 8e0a8d110c9541b0a048fda23d52958d 1283668850

    Then adust the earing hoop and do the same for the second earing and... WALLA Wear them