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Make a exact replica of your body!
I am new to sewing and wanted a dress form. Dress forms are expensive so I did an alternate plan.. a duct tape dress form.

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  • Step 1

    Put on a long old t-shirt and start wrapping yourself in duct tape. You will need someone to help you when it comes to the upper back. Make sure to do a few layers of tape.


  • Step 2

    Once you are completely covered in duct tape have a friend cut it off of you from the middle of you back all the way down.

  • Step 3

    tape up the cut area and start to fill with batting.

  • How to make a mannequins. Duct Tape Dress Form - Step 4
    Step 4

    I had a stand home that worked perfectly so all I did was tape some cardboard onto the stand the fit the form on top

    ( The chest area was not big enough so I added a bra with padding to enhance it)

  • How to make a mannequins. Duct Tape Dress Form - Step 5
    Step 5

    I then decided to cover the duct tape form in fabric so I used a pillow case and sewed up the sides.

  • How to make a mannequins. Duct Tape Dress Form - Step 6
    Step 6

    You are now the proud owner of a dress form in your exact measurements!



Ms. Nikell
Ms. Nikell · Charlotte, North Carolina, US · 52 projects
I can't wait to get started on this one!
i think this is a great cheap way to have a form im going to make mine soon with help but great idea
Alessia T.
Alessia T. · 5 projects
The dress is actually a Kariza http://www.karizadesigns.com/

It looks like a long piece of 2 fabrics and it has two long thin pieces of fabric at the top ends and you can just twist and fold it into pretty much anything you want.

Kind of sad I have yet to wear it out :-\

I'm glad so many of you enjoy this tutorial!!
Thank you!
SparrowFae · Carthage, Missouri, US · 41 projects
This is a super cool idea! I gotta say, I want the dress you have displayed on it, too!! It's gorgeous. Did you make it?
Yumi N.
Yumi N. · 12 projects
Such an awesome idea! My mom saw an expensive one at an auction they had at her work, she was going to get it for me as a Christmas present but someone outbid her on her day off... Happy but now it's all good because this is a genius idea!!!
Jean · Stafford, Virginia, US · 24 projects
this is an OUTSTANDING idea!!

thank you!!
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Hey this is great. I'm definatly going to have to try and make my own one.

P.S: The dress that is on the dress form... did you make it or buy it? It's very cute Tongue
Arty Kitkat
Arty Kitkat · St Albans, England, GB · 61 projects
I'm definitely going to have a go making one of these. There's no way I can afford the real mccoy and this looks really straight forward so thanks for the how to Happy
Kimmie R.
Kimmie R. · Lake Forest, California, US
thanks so much for this!! um, where can you get a stand?
Rebekah T.
Rebekah T. · Manchester, England, GB · 7 projects
I seriously JUST saw this in the book "Subversive Seamster" that I got at the library! They had some techniques and tips on how to get it right around the chest and everything. I need to make one. =D
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