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A ceramic box to keep your jewelry and dreams safe at night...
My school ceramics class had a jewelry box and jewelry assignment, and this is the box that I created in class. I had very little time to finish making the box, for it was close to the end of the year. In fact, I had been focusing most of my effort on my dragon (see my other project Ceramic Haku) and didn't know that the jewelry box was mandatory.
Anyhow, I rolled out slabs and cut out six rectangles. Then I used the rectangles to create a sealed box before cutting it open to make the lid. After smoothing the insides and adding the stars and four mini legs, I put it to be fired. After that came the glazing; I just mixed lighter blues with black to create darker blues before applying it everywhere. White was used for the little dot stars and then of course yellow for the top star. While waiting for the teacher to finish loading the kiln, I made the little stars out of porcelain (part of the project's jewelry aspect) and put them inside to be fired. I also wanted to glaze the inside of the box but couldn't due to the stars (glaze will stick to other objects) so I painted the inside after that firing.

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