Cut Out + Keep


keep bad dreams away... :) • Posted by Saskia F.

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


1 h 30


Pretty Easy
Medium coak1 Medium coak



  1. Small dsc 0416

    Turn the thread on to the metal ring

  2. Small dsc 0417

    Good Job, go on..

  3. Small dsc 0419

    That's done!

  4. Small dsc 0420

    Take a new thread and turn it into a loop on the metal ring again and a bit further again ...

  5. Small dsc 0422

    Closer picture !!

  6. Small dsc 0423

    Next you'll make a loop in each triangle and you repeat this step a number of times

  7. Small dsc 0426

    Attache a bead at the end of the thread and let it hang... As you can see on this picture I'll attached a bead in the middele of the cobweb ;)

  8. Small dsc 0432

    Make some threads with feathers at the end... as many as you like !! DONE !!