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A crochet and knit combination beanie made to hold back a head full of dreads
This is my version of the Combination Summer Hat made specially for a friend. He requested a beanie that would be breathable in the hot Summer and would hold back his growing dreadlocks. How long this will take you depends on your crochet and knitting skills. I edited the version linked here to make it longer just by adding rows. Also, I changed colors every row to make it more interesting.

Posted by Christine B. Published
  • How to make a slouchy beanie. Dread Head Beanie - Step 1
    Step 1

    Following pattern crochet as many rows as needed to get your desired length. I used circular needles instead of the recommended needles to knit the band

  • How to make a slouchy beanie. Dread Head Beanie - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cast off stitches and enjoy!

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Elfin Adventure
Elfin Adventure · Independence, Missouri, US · 13 projects
That is so simple! My biggest problem with having dreads and wearing hats is stretching out the knit from my uber poofy dreads!
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