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Drawing A Chibi

A tutorial for drawing a chibi. • Posted by Uhm rawr

I'm sorry for the bad quality- ipod touch cameras are good -to me- but not as soon as it gets dark. :c

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I'm sorry for the bad quality- ipod touch cameras are good -to me- but not as soon as it gets dark. :c


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    Start drawing the outlines of the hair, and a bit of the face. Some people might want to draw the face first, but I find it easier to draw the hair first. DON'T press too hard! Sketching is good! If you press too hard on your pencil, you won't be able to fully erease it, especially not when you don't have the right paper. Don't be affraid of doing things wrong, and having to draw them again. I drew the hair 3 times over, and the eyes even more.

  2. Small img 0215 1299261615

    EYES o3o Start drawing the eyes! You do this by making a little kind of bow above the place where you want the eye, and a line under it, and you draw a circle- or whatever form you want to have the eye- on the line. Add a little circle for the light.

  3. Small img 0216 1299261747

    Add the pupils. Don't colour the little circle you just drew! That's supposed to be the light. (The eyebrows are slightly different in the result, the right one didn't work out very well at this picture)

  4. Small img 0223 1299261821

    Colour it in, SOFTLY. Don't make the iris darker than the pupil. I drew the iris by sketching little circles around the pupil. Then I added some stripes. If you're not sure how to draw the eye, look in the mirror, at your own eye, or google it. Once you know how to look at things, it'll be easy (:

  5. Small img 0222 1299261921

    Make a mouth. If you want to. Chibis don't always have a mouth.

  6. Small img 0224 1299261941

    Finish the hair, and give her clothes :3

  7. Small img 0225 1299261991

    It doesn't look awesome together. But I decided to give her a legging, and socks. Just 'cause i felt like it.

  8. Small img 0227 1299263450

    Add the details on her clothes, and colour the socks.

  9. Small img 0228 1299263476

    Add the last details.

  10. Small img 0233 1299263723

    ...Aaaaand she's done!