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Draw A Cool Line Picture. (No Artistic Skills Required)

Make a gorgeous line drawing to grace your bedroom wall and to marvel at. • Posted by daisy f.

make an AWESOME Drawing!

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make an AWESOME Drawing!


  1. Take a picture of a person or object from a magazine or book. This could be anything, from your favorite singer to winnie the poo. :) Place your baking paper of the same size over the top of it. If you want, use something to hold it in place, such as blu tack.

  2. Use a pencil to trace over the main lines and features of your picture, copying it in detail. (You could use artistic license)

  3. Place your baking paper with the picture on it in the photocopier. Press GO!.Once it has finished copying take it out and lay it down on a hard surface.

  4. Use a black pen to go over the lines so no pencil is showing. Voila! Now you have your picture.