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just in time for carnival!
here in italy "carnevale" seems to be such a big deal..for years it has been the only dressing up chance for many (I dress up for any random occasion, so it doesn't really matter). lately people wear masks on halloween as well, but it's still only two/three parties a year which is a shame but at least gives me plenty of time to think the outfit over...this year I have prepared 4 outfits and have not made up my mind yet on which I am going to wear!
awww this is just the longest introduction to describe the simplest thing,really. these wings can be shaped as you like/need them, as the frame is made with those metal hangers that are always in everyone's closet. actually that is not as easy as it sounds, as mine were supposed to be fairy wings but I did not have the patience to shape them properly so these will do! I covered the frames with black thights and knotted them. I then attached some stickers from a previous project and that was it! to wear them I bought some black silk ribbon and simply tied them around the shoulders. I saw this project on threadbanger..always awesome inspiration!

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Tori · 13 projects
Amazing! They're beautiful!
twee_d · Rome, Lazio, IT · 11 projects
I tried them on tonight and there is no way to make them sit straight! thanks for the lovely comments but really I just wish sometimes I could be a little less sloppy and more methodical when I make stuff...Happy
but this is not going to put me off wearing them for the party!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1398 projects
So pretty, I'd love to see a photo of you wearing it. I wish I could go to a carnival soon.
Mrs Edward Cullen
Mrs Edward Cullen · Birmingham, England, GB · 12 projects
WOW! Im Lovin' It Happy
katie · 5 projects
oh pretty, these remind me of some wings I wore for a festival near were I live, yours are so much better though Happy