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Dr. Alien Eyes, M.D
Dr. Alien Eyes’s precise abilities as a doctor are hard to pin down. While his bedside manner is legendary, the sound of eight eyes blinking is unsettling, even to the bravest soul. His outer-space origin is likely to be true, since he comes to work in a giant flying saucer. His antenna often hums loudly, mostly disco, making him a hit at parties, and distracting from the gross multi-blinking sound.

Dr. A is fun and simple, noteworthy mostly because he has many more eyes
than anyone else. His original build—a brown sock with yellow eyes—got lost; this re-build demonstrates that the essence of most of these designs isn’t dependent on materials.

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© 2021 Marty Allen / CICO Books · Reproduced with permission. · Sock Puppet Madness by Marty Allen is published by CICO Books at £12.99 and is available from www.cicobooks.com
  • Step 1

    Once the sock is reversed, add the oval of black sticky
    felt for the mouth interior, cut slightly smaller than the cardboard oval, and put a medium amount of head fluff
    in the top for structure.

  • How to make a food plushie. Dr Alien Eyes Sock Puppet - Step 2
    Step 2

    EYES: Using orange craft foam, cut out eight mismatched circles, about ¼ in (6mm) each across. Using the black marker, give each circle a dot in the middle for a pupil. Glue the eyes in two uneven rows with very little room between them.

  • How to make a food plushie. Dr Alien Eyes Sock Puppet - Step 3
    Step 3

    ANTENNA: Using pink craft foam, cut out the antenna shape from a 2½ x ¾ in (6 x 2 cm) rectangle. Glue it standing up and facing out in the center of his head, about 1 in (2.5 cm) back from the eyes.

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