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gorgeous tweedy fingerless mitts in a pretty cable and lace pattern
these mitts were patterned after a pair of mitts i saw tif fussell (aka dottie angel) wearing in her suitcase series book. i just had to have a pair and name them after her.

the mitts are working inside out (to get the reverse stockinette without all the fussy purling) with a 12 stitch cable. the body of the mitt starts out a bit loose and then tightens up around the finger area. the mitts are finished off with a knit on lace edging in garter stitch.

gauge : 22sts x 22 rounds = 3.5inches

finished measurements : 3.5in x 10in

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You Will Need

  • Step 1

    The cable patterns are reversed for each mitt. So be sure to follow the correct cable pattern for the mitt you are working on. The thumb hole will be in a different location for each mitt as well. The rest of the directions work for both mitts.

    CO 44 sts on us 7 needles. Join and begin working in the round.
    Eyelet rounds
    R1: knit
    R2: knit
    R3: (k2tog, yo) to end
    R4: knit
    R5: knit
    Begin cable repeat for left hand mitt:
    R1-14: purl 12, knit to end of round
    R15: C6B, knit to end of round
    Repeat a total of 4 times
    Begin cable repeat for right hand mitt:
    R1-14: k32, p12
    R15: k32, C6F
    Repeat a total of 4 times
    Thumb hole
    Next round for left hand mitt:
    P12, k6, place 8sts on scrap yarn, k to end (36sts)
    Next round for right hand mitt:
    K18, place 8sts on scrap yarn, k6, p12 (36sts) Repeat R1 and R2 of cable pattern.
    Repeat R1—R5 (eyelet rounds)
    Turn work inside out. You have now finished the main body of the mitt and once it is turned inside out it is now in reverse stocki- nette without all of the fussiness of purling all the time.
    You are now going to gradually bind off the top of the mitt by add- ing the edging and knitting your way around the top. Edging is worked in garter stitch over 9 edge sts on smaller needles. Edging will be repeated a total of 4 times.
    Switch to us 5 needles.
    CO 7sts on the left hand needle ( I used the backward loop method.)
    R1(RS): k1, k2tog, (yo)2x, k3, k2tog
    (k the last cast on stitch with the first stitch on the mitt’s edge : note : this will be done with the last st of every right side row)
    R2(WS): sl 1 with yarn in front, move yarn to the back (note: this Pattern Copyright © Britt Schmiesing. 2013 March

    will be done with the first stitch of every wrong side row) and k4, p1, k2
    R3: k7, k2tog
    R4: sl 1, k7
    R5: k1, k2tog, (yo)2x, k4, k2tog
    R6: sl 1, k5, p1, k2
    R7: k8, k2tog
    R8: sl 1, k8
    R9: k8, k2tog
    R10: sl 1, k8
    R11: k1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, (yo)2x, k1, k2tog R12: sl 1, k2, p1, k5
    R13: k8, k2tog
    R14: sl 1, k8
    R15: BO3, k2tog, (yo)2x, k2, k2tog
    R16: sl 1, k3, p1, k2
    R17: k6, k2tog
    R18: sl 1, k6 (on last
    Repeat these 18 rows 3
    Sew two ends together.
    I turned the mitt back
    stitches for the reverse stockinette. You don’t have too. You could just go ahead and purl every round (if you don’t mind purling).
    Place 8sts from scrap yarn back onto us 7 needles.
    Pick up 6 more sts from the body of the mitt to close the space. Join and begin working in the round.
    Reverse stockinette stitch for 5 rounds.
    Eyelet round: (k2tog, yo) to end
    Reverse stockinette 2 more rounds.
    BO loosely.
    Weave in all ends.
    repeat, BO R18)
    more times. On last repeat, BO R18.
    inside out so that I could knit all the

    BO: bind off
    CO: cast on
    C6B: place 6sts on cable needle and move to back, purl the next 6sts, and then purl the 6sts on the cable needle
    C6F: place 6sts on cable needle and move to front, purl the next 6sts, and then purl the 6sts on the cable needle
    k: knit
    k2tog: knit 2 sts together
    R: round
    RS: right side
    Sl 1: slip one stitch purlwise
    st/sts: stitch/stitches
    WS: wrong side
    yo: yarn over

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Connie B.
Connie B.
I'm a bit confused....when the pattern says.....Begin cable repeat for left hand mitt: R1-14: purl 12, knit to end of round when you get to R2 do you start with purling 12 again or should you reverse it and start with knitting and then purl 12
sneezerville · Portland, Oregon, US · 37 projects
you will still purl 12. each round starts with the purl 12 and then knitting to the end of the round. you are actually knitting it inside out. when you turn it right side out later, the cable will be in stockinette and the rest of the mitt will be reverse stockinette. hope this helps. let me know if you have more questions i will be glad to assist!
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